Prepare for Your Shot: What Good Teeth Mean to You

Come on, show your pearly whites! You may remember your old relatives asking you that when you were a kid. Back then, you must be easily convinced to break into a smile. But how are things doing now? Your teeth will look vastly different now. They grow slowly, but some habits can have bad effects. For instance, thumb sucking may cause your front teeth to grow at an angle due to your thumb pressing against them. This is why kids should be taught dental care. There are even cases where even the jaw can be severely misaligned due to a sudden impact, and fixing it would require surgery. If there is a need for an oral surgeon, West Jordan has its share of these experts.

Just how important are your teeth? There are many benefits to having a nice set of teeth. Just like how those with ripped bodies spend hours in the gym to keep in shape, taking care of your choppers requires dedication and hard work, too. What can all the brushing, flossing, and gargling mean to you then?


You can be the plainest-looking person in the room wearing the simplest clothes. But do you know what your secret weapon is? Your smile. Saying cheese and showcasing your grin to others are an instant cosmetic upgrade. All it takes is for you to work out your facial muscles, and you can be the ray of sunshine in the group.

Your teeth are also some of the first things people notice about you. This is important in times where you need to make a good impression, like going on a date or job interview. If you have crooked teeth, it can be a major turn off. But you can consult your dentist about wearing braces so that their alignment can be corrected. No matter what, at least keep them clean at all times. Good teeth are seen by some as a result of having good hygiene. And people view others who take care of themselves as being organized and professional.


A sweaty and smelly person has that repelling effect. The sight of such an individual is already enough for you to walk away. But someone with bad oral hygiene is just as bad. And what is worse about it is that you would not know if someone has one until you get close. No amount of dapper clothing and strong perfume can mask the smell of bad breath.

Remember that you eat different kinds of food in your mouth and that they are broken down by your bodily fluids. Just because they are not visible in your mouth anymore does not mean that there is no effect on your oral hygiene. Chemical reactions and bacteria are still partying in your mouth, so it would be best for you to brush after every meal to flush all of those out. Letting them linger can cause all sorts of problems such as tooth decay and gum infections.


The mouth is the initial pathway for food. Part of the joy of eating is relishing the different textures and flavors of the dish. But this can be derailed if you are nursing a toothache or if you are missing some teeth. This can result in the loss of your appetite. Keep your teeth strong and healthy so that you can always have a good time feeding yourself. There are many delicious things being prepared by awesome chefs out there, and it will be a shame if you don’t get the chance to enjoy them.

Your parents always prodded you to brush your teeth after you eat and before you sleep. Now you know why they did that. If you have nice teeth, you should thank them for being patient with you. Having the confidence to flash a wide smile is a gift that can’t be taken away.